I kinda skipped over March….oops

March was a whirlwind for me.

It started back in January when we had a water leak in our kitchen that ruined the flooring.


This laminate flooring ran throughout the downstairs, up our stairs, on the landing and into our office (we had put it in 9 years ago over the linoleum you are seeing). That is almost 1300 sq feet of flooring that needed replaced since it couldn’t be repaired. I felt like we were moving out of our home for a few weeks as we prepped to replace the floors. Our little water damage issue suddenly became a BIG project.


Since we were ripping up all the floors, we should paint the walls, and the ceiling could use freshened up…and well the doors need removed anyways so lets give them a fresh coat of paint…

IMG_3230 and upgrade the molding on them along with all the base molding.


Oh and while we are at that, lets paint the kitchen cabinets, and add some trim to them…


and how about putting some board and batten details in the powder room…


I started being threatened that if I added one more thing to the list I was going to be in trouble! So as you can see our little remodel job turned out to be BIG! Lots of long days of work.  At one time I felt half our house was in the back yard…and it really was, including the toilet!


I am one LUCKY girl with my handy husband. During the process of remodeling we got along great. Our only disagreement was how to start the project! In the end…neither of our visions worked and we did a combo of both our plans.

I did manage to throw in an ART EVENT which gave us lots of incentive to have our house back together just enough to set up the event and create the “TRINKETS & TREASURE” cases. Thanks to all my artsy students that put up with some of the mess of construction.

I also enJOYed a trip to Portland to get my daughters wedding dress for her June wedding, enJOYed Spring Break and Easter with family and friends and so much more. Life has been FULL very very FULL…but all very much worth it. I can’t wait to show off all our hard work as we finish up the last of the to do list! Welcome APRIL….

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February creative ART EVENT project debut!

choose to enJOY the everyday moments!

choose to enJOY - Shadowbox Canvas

This project turns a canvas around and creates a shadowbox. Inside is a second art piece of a bird, butterfly or image of your choice. Buttons, lace and butterflys sprinkle the canvas with whimsy.

Learn how to layer patterned papers (I used Echo Park Victoria Gardens), vintage papers, paint, rubon’s and stamps to make a custom frame. Add sweet leaves on a real curly branch covered in vintage paper. Piece together a dimensional bird mixed with embellishments. Sculpt a sweet little heart to finish off your shadowbox canvas!

February’s creative ART EVENT is {SOLD OUT} if you would like to be added to a waiting list, please email me at cassandra@cassandracooper.com.

Watch for upcoming Studio to Studio project classes that will let you create the projects I share in the comfort of your own studio.

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Blessed…and LIFE isn’t perfect.

Currently this {QUOTE} is on my chalkboard in the Studio.

perfect life

I have had this same quote hanging above my desk in the office for almost a year. It is a quote that has really become a motto for me. To many times I would do nothing….because I couldn’t do it perfectly or I was missing a part of the puzzle or it was hard. But when I found this one day…it struck a chord with me. I was letting perfection get in the way of JOY and doing what I LOVE!

Early this year I woke up with a crazy vision….shared it with Jason and we figured out a way to make it happen….Just a couple days later…….creative ART EVENTS was launched. I believe ART is meant to be shared. I am happiest when I get to share my passion for paper, vintage treasures and what inspires me.

I have had quite a journey with some trials this last 3 years, medically I have faced more than some do in their whole lives….but I have also had amazing good things happen! More days than not I feel {BLESSED} I have good friends, people that love me, an amazing husband and kids I am super proud of. Too many times we get caught up in the comparison game. I do it too!

Comparison happens in ART all the time and I see it in those I teach. I try to encourage others to find their voice and add their own spin on what we create. Sometimes all we need is a starting point to get those artistic visions into ART! Can’t wait for the amazing ART that will happen in 2013!

P.S. I started this post about a week and a half ago….and guess what? I got derailed again with yet another medical issue! All is on the mend, but a nasty infection caused me to be tethered to an IV machine several hours a day for over a week. I am BLESSED that modern medicine has done some amazing things for me in the last 3 years…but I really know it exists and I am done testing its miracles. So please BLESS me with no more medical drama! I have other things on my agenda!


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ARTSY creating happened!

Saturday was {AMAZING}!

It was great fun hosting an ARTSY day for my ARTISAN friends! Lots of laughs, smiles, yummy food {Thanks Betty} fabulous cookies and treats {Thanks Kathleen & Trudy}.


IMG_3062We ended up with paint and glue on our fingers, learned new techniques, used vintage and new items and in the end…ART was made by all!

Trinket Buffet

Thanks Sarah for capturing part of the day for me! I will try to do more pictures next month. If you want to join in the ART. Watch for February’s ART EVENT details to be posted on February 6th. There are a few ala carte spots each month for purchase.

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Shabby Chic Box Album

Project-PictureHere it is the debut project to kick off a year of creative ART EVENTS!

Have you ever had a vision in your head and can’t find what you are looking for? Well that is what happened this month. I knew I wanted canvas pages…but didn’t want a typical mini album book…my idea was a box album but couldn’t find a box I wanted either. As I walked the art aisles of a few craft stores  I found a roll of water activated paper tape and in my cart it went. When I got home I combined it with pieces of chipboard and created a flip top {BOX ALBUM}…and I loved the results. Of course there were a couple of practice versions, but I found a new product that is a must in my tools!

January’s project is sold out…but I am playing around with some video production to bring this class to those of you that couldn’t make it to the main event. We will see, not sure I like talking to myself or into the camera.


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creative ART EVENTS {january}

So AMAZED by the response to my quest to create more ARTSY fun in 2013. My first step was to create an event I would love to attend myself and that is done…and even more exciting is that it is {SOLD OUT} for the first month of January. Many of you are joining me for the whole year as you also take on the challenge to create more ART in 2013. I can hardly wait until January 26th!

Here are a couple sneak peeks of January’s Project! A fun shabby chic collection of canvas pages in a handcrafted box!  IMG_2953




More pictures and a full reveal later this next week!


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Making time to CREATE in 2013!

This year I am striving to make the moments count…to do what I love…to spend time with those I want to spend time with…to live in the moment and to be more passionate about


I started to think of the ways I would make more Art and I know me… I LOVE the process of creating ART….but I need a deadline for myself. {I work best under pressure} I also REALLY LOVE to share those works of ART with others. I love the prep, the designing the packaging and sharing it all with YOU! This is where you join in my journey to create more ART in 2013. Each month an event will be ARTFULLY created just for you. Packaged up just so and taught in a workshop where I will demonstrate new techniques and tips along the way.  We may have to add in a side trip here and there for vintage treasure hunting. Join me in a journey of creative ART EVENTS in 2013….

I am very EXCITED about these events! There are so many FUN projects that I have been mulling over and want to create and best of all…at the end of the year I will have have 12 pieces of ART and so will you! What will we create? This is a year long journey and I plan to look around me…to see what is inspiring me…what looks fun to do. I have some things planned and started, but I will also come up with unique projects along the way in this ARTFUL journey of 2013. Some of the projects I have planned so far include mini books, wall art, a shadowbox, art box/kit and so much more.

Want to JOIN ME?

See You There!


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December Daily{ish}

This is my take on a December Daily{ish} book that I will use to capture the sights and activities of December & all its Holiday festivities! With both kids moved out it seems this years Christmas activities will be a little different. I will be cramming lots in from December 15-December 30th while they are BOTH home!

Now off to design the invites for my annual baking day with the nieces & nephews!


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Chalk Art

Did you know I have thousands of inspiration pins on Pinterest??? I am sure I am not alone. I want to make sure that they don’t just stay inspiration and that I take what inspires be and put it to practice. So 2 days ago I tackled one of my Pinterest Inspirations.

{Chalk Art}

I have this AMAZING chalkboard that hangs above a buffet in my dining room. It is HUGE and is a bit intimidating sometimes, but this year I printed out some inspiration photos and tackled the project. The result makes me smile every time I walk in the room!


If you are local to the Hermiston Area I am offering Chalk Art Services. Check out my Facebook page for more info.

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Life is changing….

I guess it is time to update my blog. I am working on a little refresh of the graphics and since I am changing directions a bit with my work I will be updating some of the other pages and sharing some of my design work.

I feel like this last few months has been such a whirlwind of change! The biggest one is that we are now empty nesters.  Here was our last good bye as we dropped Kenzi off at school…she is starting a new journey

and….I know this is a new journey for me.

I have had a bit of anxiety. The house is so quiet…and Kenzi…I haven’t done anything with your room yet. When her brother, Mike, left for college 4 years ago I was sure we would be in there the next weekend cleaning it up, but it took quite a while, same thing this time. I haven’t been able to start that process just yet. Even just seeing a show or 2 of hers pop up on the DVR has been a little sad….not to mention that I now watch some of those shows we watched together by myself. It is still odd the little areas I find that we make a few changes in to make things work better for Jason and I as we move forward. I am hoping to set up a great guest suite for them so when they visit they have a great place to stay. Hopefully no more air mattress Mike!

Here are some other things that made life interesting this last few months:

Watching both of my kids graduate…

Mike graduated from OSU with a degree in Computer Science. He is now working for Mozilla in California. He worked hard to put himself through college and to get a job doing what he loves! We are so very proud of him and what he is accomplishing.

Kenzi graduated from High School and we were honored to hear her speak at her graduation ceremony, graduating in the top 10 of her class of just under 300 students. She is now attending PLU university in Tacoma WA. She will have an amazing experience and I love hearing about from texts, phone calls and even posts on Facebook!

The most incredible high light of the summer was taking an AMAZING trip with Kenzi to London, Paris and Iceland. It was an experience that will be treasured. I loved spending the time just mother and daughter. I will go back!

The Eiffel Tower & the incredible ice blue waters of Iceland.

Releasing one of my favorite collections with Echo Park Paper – Chillingsworth Manor.
Available in Craft Stores around the world and digitally on Jessica Sprague. Working with a new creative design assistant to make even better products!

Getting to stand on the dock as my friend Heidi welcomed her husband home from deployment. And watching his Auggie Dog go crazy when he got home. Again being reminded the sacrifices that family’s and friends make for these service men & women to serve our country.

Hiking Palouse Falls with Jason. Appreciating again how fortunate I am to have lost the weight I have and to have a new lease on life and the activities I can enJOY!

Love this guy!

Life has been full…life has brought amazing joy….and life brought some hard times too. In just a couple of weeks I will be taking a few weeks off again as I face yet another surgery, this time to remove a large cyst from my ovary. We went through a scary couple of weeks of cancer testing and consulted 3 Dr’s who all felt it was not cancerous based on blood tests and imaging, we won’t know 100% until it is removed, but we are confident it isn’t. So we chose to get Kenzi off to college and enJOY an amazing summer. The upside is I get to combine it with a tummy tuck after losing 130 pounds.

Life is short and I am determined to live mine to the fullest! Sometimes that means this blog isn’t my first priority. I hope to update occasionally, but I am more apt to update my facebook page so make sure to follow along there.

Hope you had an amazing summer too and are enJOYing getting back into the swing of the fall that always brings new beginnings, new office/school supplies, new clothes and new schedules.


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