Color the {WORLD}

Recently I started a {MIXED MEDIA CANVAS}. This project was my way of giving back to a great friend of mine. The concept had been percolating for a while and I knew it had to have a globe on it and be a mixed media piece.

I was excited to do this…I let it continue to evolve over the day…layering text papers, gesso, paint, images, stamps and more to the canvas. It wasn’t long before it really started to take shape and I loved the process of the layers coming together. It is really magical when you work with mixed media. Each layer builds on the last.

It was a little over 12 years ago when I met Shannon at a scrapbook event where she was talking about their new house that was to be built. It wasn’t too long into the conversation that I realized they were building a house on the same street as us and even better we were going to be neighbors! Over the years I have witnessed her LOVE for others first hand!

I still remember when I was sitting at her dining room table creating one day and chatting about making a living with my love of creating….I remember her saying to me “why can’t you?.” Those words helped me realize I wanted my ART to become my work and it soon did. I haven’t regretted that decision! It wasn’t an easy path, but so very worth it. In those years since that day I have also witnessed her talents for capturing life in the most amazing ways through photography.  Most recently I received her LOVE and talents in the photography of my daughters wedding. 

Over the years we continue to build on that friendship, just like the layers of the canvas. We have a love of old and beautiful things, a passion for our families and life!

Shannon and her family are embarking on an incredible trip to Africa.  I knew I somehow wanted to help in that effort. Children in our own country and all over the world need help and many times just someone to LOVE them. So many are born into situations that just aren’t imaginable. I have witnessed many children come and go as foster kids in my sisters home. Their stories are incredibly heart breaking. I know that while we do what we can in our own country our world continues to grow smaller with our age of technology and more and more we become more aware of children everywhere that need help. The boundaries of our hearts grow bigger and Shannon’s family is sharing that LOVE to help children in Africa. You can read more about her story on her blog Snyders2Africa!

While I don’t foster kids and I am not going to Africa to help orphans. I still have a sweet spot in my heart for those that do. I want to see kids just be given a chance to LOVE and be LOVED in ways that inspire them and make them see the good in the world. There is a lot more good than bad despite the horror stories we hear on the news. They are awful, but once in a while something good makes it way to the surface and the world is colored with a new light of good, hope and JOY! Creating this canvas was my way to help!

This original piece of ART is being raffled off along with many other items that have been lovingly donated to Shannon and her family! PURCHASE RAFFLE TICKETS HERE!




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10 Responses to Color the {WORLD}

  1. Jen Fish says:

    This is so beautiful! I wish I could do this type of art, it’s just not in my blood, you are amazing!

  2. Rita Barakat says:

    Wonderful post! I have a softspot for foster/adopt having had foster and adopted three kids as well.

  3. Lovely, Cassandra! :) #sscnet

  4. Nice! What a great way to work with wonderful memories!

  5. What fun with the “art” and walking down memory lane!

  6. I loved this one! I saw it either on Twitter or Facebook and was so impressed! When I saw it was you I was so excited! Great tutorial- great job! Loved it!

  7. Brenda Young says:

    Beautiful story Cassandra, what a wonderful way to express your appreciation of friendship and share your love of art and humanity all in one piece! Kudos my friend!

  8. What a wonderful creation! I love, love it! The globe looks so real, I’m sure that must of taken a long time. I hope your friend has a safe and wonderful trip.

  9. WOW! What a beautiful work of art! Fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing, Cassandra.

  10. Diana Foree says:

    Cassandra, having volunteered in my daughters’ art class in high school, I learned to have a true appreciation for art. I love seeing what you create.